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Birdrangers is operated by Monica & Simon Clayton. Based at Gibraltar Reserve in the Northern Rivers of New South Wales, Australia, we manage this high biodiversity land, as a Wildlife Refuge, with the assistance of the NSW Conservation Partners program.

The adjacent World Heritage listed Gibraltar Range National Park is recognised as an Important Bird Area by Birdlife International. Visitors can support our conservation efforts through the Birding & Wildlife experiences we offer, both on site and around the region. Our guides are local birders & ecologists, with extensive field experience. Our aim is to cultivate interest in birdwatching and biodiversity. We provide tours for small groups or individuals, observing and experiencing the diverse fauna & flora of the region. Research, conservation and sustainable food production is our focus.

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Birdranger on October 27, 2012 about Fire Friday

Cheers, all ok today, 2 helicopters water bombing the fire at the moment...

Simon Mustoe on October 25, 2012 about Fire Friday

Good luck Simon, we'll be thinking of you. Let's hope the fire hits places that need rejuvenating.

Birdranger on August 25, 2012 about Rainforest & Wildlife work

Latest news: With the assistance of NSW National Parks and the government livestock ranger, stray cattle are still being removed, and compensation for impacts are initiated. Protected species have been impacted and the livestock owner will be brought to account.

Birdranger on June 4, 2012 about

Should I hit the "report abuse" button seeing as I swear regularly at these rodents? They do love to chew through computer cables!

Birdranger on June 4, 2012 about

This is most likely a Swamp Rat, but Bush & probably Pale-field Rat also present. An unidentified Pseudomys sp is also present with a specimen still awaiting identification at Australian Museum, unless it's been left in the freezer at Grafton NPWS office! Any other suggestions welcomed.