Fire Friday

October 25, 2012

A bushfire is encroaching on Gibraltar Reserve, we're preparing with the assitance of volunteers, Rural fire Service & NSW National Parks

All OK, 

I’ve just got back from a 3km bushwalk, marking a track through scrub for the bulldozer, crawling under vegetation in places, and sliding down a steep slope. Job done and the ‘dozer is going in about now, I’ve just heard the cracking of timber, indicating it’s breaking ground.

At least 5 fire trucks are going in tonight and back-burning to create a substantial break. I was blasted by the downdraught of a helicopter as it scouted the track I was plotting, and under the direction of Fire Control and Nat Parks, safe and well away from fire. Weather good today, fire moving slowly, but warmer tomorrow and we’ll be busy monitoring, with helicopters on standby in case the containment is broken. There is a strong buffer between the containment line and us. We are well attended to and quite safe, the wind is not strong for tomorrow.

I expect we’ll be busy and not sleeping much for the next 24 hours.


OK, Friday 1830hrs, Busy day, picked up the fire truck and joined the strike team. All worked out ok so far, we’ve burned the containment line and managed a few breaks where the fire jumped the line. It was interesting; running, crawling and driving, while backburning the line. It was 37 centigrade, hot, smoky and a variable wind direction.


Many thanks to the RFS volunteers, NPWS staff and neighbours for a good job done so far, you've all helped secure some significant biodiversity for the future.


So it’s cooling down and we’re off the fire line now, having a drink and preparing to patrol tomorrow, the weather looks more favourable.



Birdranger on October 27, 2012 about Fire Friday

Cheers, all ok today, 2 helicopters water bombing the fire at the moment...

Simon Mustoe on October 25, 2012 about Fire Friday

Good luck Simon, we'll be thinking of you. Let's hope the fire hits places that need rejuvenating.

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