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May 25, 2013

25th May: Logrunners, Black Kites, Spotted Harrier, Swift Parrot and and a poke in the eye from a stick, these were the highlights of incidental birding whilst working on the reserve. My eye's ok, the stick broke.

Four species of Lorikeet, White-throated Honeyeaters and White-bellied Cuckoo-shrike all seem to be on the move, and a clumsy juvenile Grey Goshawk has been hanging around with 2 adult birds.

The resident Regent Bowerbirds & Pale Yellow Robin kept me company whilst removing invasive weeds.

Some recent visitors enjoyed views of Masked Owl & Varied Sittella amongst others, with the Owls now nesting.

Gibraltar Reserve is now ranked 4th best birding site in NSW http://www.eremaea.com/TopSites.aspx?Context=TopSites&Latitude=-33.00000&Longitude=150.00000&MapType=0&Region=16&ZoomLevel=6

15th June: The change of seasons has happened, although it's a bit wetter & warmer than our previous years here. Square-tailed kite, Dusky Woodswallow and an exotic European Goldfinch have been the main bird highlights, along with Masked & Sooty Owl nesting activity. A few young Red-necked Wallabies are taking clumsy hopping excursions, and Long-nosed Bandicoots are frequently foraging the forest edges at night. The resident Koalas have been moving around their favoured areas, and Platypus is starting to begin it's usual daytime winter views in the wetland.



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