Fairy-wren feathers & spring cleaning

October 16, 2013

One of the local male Superb Fairy-wrens is showing off black wing feathers, a bit unusual. Red-backed Fairy-wrens occupy the same area.

The perrenial Lantana management is taking us into the depths of the rainforest, bringing us good views of many of the residents and migrants now arriving.

The list of birds here includes the highlights from the previous week. The Common Bronzewing has recently installed itself, and a healthy number if Noisy Pittas can be heard. White-throated Nightjars are calling locally, and the secretive syndicate of King Quail and Lewin's Rail are also vocal, probably waiting for rain.

A New Holland Honeyeater was a new bird to be recorded for the reserve, bringing the species list closer to 200.

Experiments with trail cameras include monitoring a fake ground nest, including a hens egg. I'd like to know more about the predators of our ground dwelling species, so thought I'd give it a try.



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